Super Hybrid Blade
Limba Surface
Ergonomic Grip
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MSRP 189,90 €


ICECREAM blades are the world's first hybrid blade with Arylate carbon on one side and Zephylium carbon on the other side. This gives the player the opportunity to choose a blade that perfectly fits to his natural fore- and backhand movement. Different characteristics on each side of the blade will support the individual needs of the player. ICECREAM - highest quality made in korea for world class player like Jung Youngsik. 

AZXi has Limba outer ply and the inner carbon layers at the core. This makes a softer touch and supports the play with powerful brushing topspins and high arc. The longer dwell time gives more control to the player, while enabling the power of the core when needed.

  • Type: OFF

  • Thickness: 5,7mm

  • Weight: 90g

  • Number of Layers: 5+2

  • Structure: Limba + Arylate Carbon + Zephylium Carbon

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05 at 2.18.04 PM