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MSRP 69,90 €

 "AIGIS is a defensive blade of enhanced ability of counterattack. Instead of usual Willow wood, Limba is used for the top layer of the 5-ply construction for more speed.


 Its thickness is 5.5 mm, which is the same as that of traditional all-round blades. But, inner layers were adjusted for the giving AIGIS optimal characteristics as a ""defensive"" blade.


 As the result, AIGIS has stability of cut defence and speed for all-round play at the same time. Its accurate and secure feel let AIGIS be suitable blade even for traditional defensive strategy. For modern defensive players who frequently use counter topspin from forehand, AIGIS provides sufficient speed.


 Especially when combined with ""Hyper Elasto"" rubbers such as VEGA ASIA on its forehand side, AIGIS can be actual all-round weapon. 

  • Type: DEF+

  • Thickness: 5,5mm

  • Weight: 83g

  • Number of Layers: 5

  • Structure: Limba surface 5-ply wood.

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