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MUV M5.5S Blue
MUV M5.5S Orange
MUV M5.5S Yellow
MUV M5.5S Violet
MUV Package

MUV 5.5S

MSRP 30,90 €

High quality racket for learning basic skills.

* Rubbers: MUV HYSPIN    2.0 

* Strategy : ALL-OFF

* PRICE PERFORMANCE: Equipment makes a big difference in the Table Tennis Game. This Racket was designed for the lifestyle players to enjoy real excitement of table tennis, with the quality equipment and at a lower cost. Our expertise created the awesome price value for the racket.


* SPIN PERFORMANCE: Table tennis is a sport of spin. The new construction of the M-Series racket enhanced the spin rate significantly. Top-sheet friction and sponge elasticity were scientifically combined to provide more spin - By transferring the energy more efficiently to the side.

* WEIGHT PERFORMANCE: Ball Power can be increased by the additional weight of the racket. The heavier weight can increase the performance but it also becomes harder to play with. M-Series Construction enhanced the Power Performance without any weight increase - By Reallocating the weight balance with lighter wood materials.

  • Thickness: 6,0

  • Number of layers: 5

  • Colour: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Violet

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