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MSRP 44,90 €

 The IMB (internal mechanic boost) technology offers completely new spin and speed opportunities to the player. The rubber acts very lively which brings a lot of joy and excitement. 

 The firm top sheet and sponge structure provide high dynamics and arc for consistent topspin play. Even though the rubber is quite fast and springy the player is able to control the ball well because the sponge hardness of 45° gives a longer dwell and good feeling.


 Especially opening loops against down spin become more easy because the rubber helps to lift the ball. Even players that don't have a very fast arm acceleration or advanced technique level are now able to play fast and spiny topspins without any difficulty.

 VEGA JAPAN can be recommended for topspin players that are looking for a lively, well balanced offensiv rubber with a medium hard sponge. 

  • Color:  Red / Black

  • Sponge thickness:  1.8 / 2.0 / MAX

  • Sponge hardness:  45°

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