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MSRP 49,90 €

 VEGA TOUR is the only rubber from VEGA series that comes up with the Elasto Futura and Cycloid technology which are well known from popular OMEGA VII rubber. That feeling of having an very thick sponge combined with thinner top sheet is very unique in VEGA series.

 VEGA TOUR has in general a softer feeling because of the medium hard 45° sponge and the thin top sheet which supports the softer sponge feeling at ball contact. There is always some dwell time and great acoustic feedback that gives the player a feedback and good feeling when playing.

 Elasto Futura and Cycloid make sure, that the player has lots of opportunities to accelerate to ball with  much power. The rubber acts very springy and fast which is great for the new plastic ball. The general focus switches from only spin based play to also focusing on the speed. It is easy for the player to generate speed at any time.

 The arc and throw is quite low, which makes this rubber great for aggressive strokes and flat hits that put the opponent under high pressure. At the same time the rubber in not very sensitive to incoming spin, which makes it more forgiving regarding misreading the opponents spin.

 VEGA TOUR can be recommended for offensive and allround players looking for a rubber that supports their variable speed based play with great feeling and acoustic feedback. 

  • Color:  Red / Black

  • Sponge thickness:  2.0 / MAX

  • Sponge hardness:  45°

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