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MSRP 59,90 €

 FUGA is a special blade for aggressive players whose strategy is close-to-table topspin of Chinese style.


 Everything of FUGA is optimised for aiming the rising of ball from bounce. Its thickness of 5.6 mm provides sufficient deformation for the stability of aggressive play.


 Hard wood was selected as the material of top layer for sharp and compact feel. But, the top layer is thin, so its hardness doesn’t disturb the overall flexibility and stability of FUGA.


 Every technique of table tennis is so easy with FUGA. Especially close-to-table and on-table techniques can be performed effortlessly. Aggressive close-to-table topspin is very secure and effective. Players will be able to dominate fast game with ease.

  • Type: OFF-

  • Thickness: 5,6mm

  • Weight: 83g

  • Number of Layers: 5

  • Structure: 5-ply Speed wood

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