Hugo HAL

Hyper Axylium

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XIOM released "HUGO SAL" limited edition in December 2019. HUGO SAL named after XIOM contracted player, Hugo Calderano who is Brazil national table tennis team player. 


We focused on the idea that Hugo is playing pure wood blade. Therefore, we developed the Super Arylate without Carbon materials. 

After several sample tests with Hugo Calderano, we’ve released HUGO SAL limited edition to Europe and Korea only. Now "HUGO SAL" is well-known for its unique feeling and performance.


And now, XIOM development team is preparing to release another HUGO blade, HUGO HAL. 

XIOM is to release "HUGO HAL (Hyper Axylium)" in June 2020. The special material "Hyper Axylium" used in "HUGO HAL" is a high-quality Orange-colored Arylate which is originally developed by XIOM. We named this new material as "Hyper Axylium" because it has a slightly different character than the "Super Arylate" used in the "HUGO SAL". Hyper Axylium features a clear feeling, improved repulsive power, and well-balanced performance.


HUGO HAL is similar to HUGO SAL in terms of a non-carbon material, but it has a different repulsion and playing sense. Detailed information about the product will be followed sequentially.

  • Type: OFF-

  • Thickness: 5,8mm

  • Head Size: 157mm x 150mm

  • Weight: 85g +/- 3g

  • Number of Layers: 5+2

  • Surface: Koto

  • Made in Korea

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