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MSRP 49,90 €

 OMEGA 5 ASIA has the hardest sponge of all OMEGA 5 rubber. The 50° sponge in combination with the firm Dynamic Friction top sheet makes this rubber perfect for player that prefer a very hard contact feel. When played aggressively and with fast arm motion the rubber fully supports the attacking strokes and becomes a very dangerous weapon.

 In the touch game and at passive strokes the rubber acts very consistent and not very springy. This makes it easier for the player to precisely return serves and keep the ball short when needed. 

 The top sheet structure provides a lower throw and arc which generally adds perfectly to a playing style focusing and speed, flat hits and short aggressive motion. Which is also known as the "asian style". Blocks become very easy to control and attacking strokes become unpredictable for the opponent and hard to return.

 OMEGA 5 ASIA is highly recommended for players that like the fast game and tend to flat hit the ball. Because of the general hardness of the rubber the player with advanced technique and fast arm motion benefit most from this rubber.

  • Color:  Red / Black

  • Sponge thickness:  2.0 / MAX

  • Sponge hardness:  50°

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