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MSRP 49,90 €

 OMEGA 5 TOUR might be the perfect rubber for european style top spin play with advanced technique level. The high arc and spin potential combined with the solid 47.5° sponge open new doors for spin dominant powerplay.

 On the one hand the sponge structure of black carbo sponge was designed to be slow and offer high control at soft touches like short play over the table and serve recieve. In other words: it is not unpleasantly springy. Also at passive strokes like blocking the sponge acts very linear which helps the player to lead the ball precisely in the desired direction. On the other hand the sponge becomes really fast when hit with much force which makes this rubber suitable for players that are looking for a high speed top spin rubber.

 The top sheet comes up with Dynamic Friction technology which offers superb grip on plastic ball. Also the pimple structure of OMEGA 5 TOUR rubber produces a very high arc and throw which helps the player to play safe and spinny shots. The big window over the net effect makes it more easy play consistent attacking strokes.

 From all XIOM rubber that have very high arc and spin characteristics, OMEGA 5 TOUR is the one with the highest speed potential at the same time. An advanced technique level and fast brushing arm swing will be highly rewarded.

 OMEGA 5 TOUR is great in combination with our new AXYLIUM blades!

  • Color:  Red / Black

  • Sponge thickness:  2.0 / MAX

  • Sponge hardness:  47.5°

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