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4 simple steps to find the perfect OMEGA rubber for you:

 OMEGA is our high end rubber series for professional players. Highest quality standards and brandnew technologies like Dynamic Friction, Elasto Futura and Cycloid create spin and speed like never before. Newest OMEGA rubbers were specially designed for the game with plastic ball.

 There is a huge range of different rubbers with different technology, sponge hardness and topsheet structures so that it is possible to find the perfect rubber for every player. Every rubber has advantages and disadvantages for your game, so it is important for you to understand which characteristics benefits your game the most.

1. Understand how the sponge hardness affects your game:

 In general a harder sponge has more spin and speed potential. But to activate that high potential a high arm acceleration and advanced technique level is required. Due to shorter dwell time a more frequent training is recommended to maintain the ball control. You have a very direct feeling and ball contact because the ball doesn't sink deep into the sponge.

 On the other side of the hardness range you find softer and more springy rubbers that offer lots of control due to longer dwell time. It is easier to play fast and spiny balls also with slower movements and weaker technique levels. Softer rubber also tend to give a louder acoustic feedback to the player.

55°: Omega 7 TOUR, Omega 7 CHINA GUANG(New sticky rubbers)
52,5°: Omega 7 ASIA
50°: Omega 5 ASIA
47,5°: Omega 7 PRO, Omega 5 TOUR, PRO, Omega 4 ASIA, PRO
45°: Omega 5 EUROPE
42,5°: Omega 7 EUROPE, Omega 4 EUROPE
40°: Omega 4 ELITE

2. Understand how the different trajectory curves affect your game:

 Different rubber technologies were used in OMEGA series. OMEGA 4 uses the Hyper Elasto technology which supports a big window and is thereby very forgiving. Most of the OMEGA 5 rubber uses the Dynamic Friction technology to adapt to the changes that came with plastic balls. The solution was a lower ball trajectory curve with a higher focus on speed.

Our brand new OMEGA 7 rubbers even increase this effect with Cycloid and Elasto Futura. The thicker sponge and thinner top sheet are game changer and open up completely new possibilities for your game. For more information please visit our micro website for OMEGA 7. (

 If you are looking for easy-to-play rubbers for professional players, you should take a look at OMEGA 4 rubbers. High control is combined with still huge amount of power through our popular black carbo sponge.
Omega 5 rubbers have a huge spin and speed potential, which has to be activated through strong acceleration of the arm.

The reason therefore is, that they are quite unreactive, which adds control in the game over the table and provides in general a very stable and consistent acceleration. It's perfect to vary the power of your strokes during a rally. 

Omega 7 rubber are created for power play to set the opponent under pressure all the time. Elasto Futura completely compensates the loss of spin and speed through plastic ball.

It is often said, that OMEGA 7 topspins are difficult to block and control, because of their extraordinary long ball trajectory. Even extremely powerful shots with OMEGA 7 will sink down to the table's baseline because of the special Elasto Futura connection between top sheet and sponge. That is why our top professional players Hugo Calderano and Jeoung Youngsik decided for OMEGA 7.

Ball trajectory curve:
OMEGA 4 (high, but quite short)
OMEGA 5 (a bit lower, middle length)
OMEGA 7 (low, but very long)

3. Understand how the catapult affects your game:

 In general the softer the rubber, the more bouncy it is at slow arm movement. With fast arm movements and high acceleration all OMEGA rubber have a high catapult effect. The harder rubbers of OMEGA 5 and 7 series are the ones that can produce the highest amount of spin and speed, when the player is able to activate their full potential. Due to different sponge and topsheet structures rubbers with the same sponge hardness can have different catapult effects.

On the one hand springy rubbers take away work from the player and can produce spin and speed easily also with softer strokes like slowly played topspins. On the other hand less bouncy rubbers can be helpful in short short game over the table and give more control when reacting to fast balls because of the even acceleration.
Which characteristic is more suitable for you, always depends on your own way to play and your preferences. 

Apart from the sponge hardness, the used technology plays the biggest roll in how bouncy the rubber is. There are 3 different technologies:

Elasto Futura (very springy)>Dynamic Friction>Hyper Elasto 

Elasto Futura: OMEGA 7
Dynamic Friction: OMEGA 5 TOUR, ASIA, EURO
Hyper Elasto: OMEGA 4, OMEGA 5 PRO

4. Understand how the sponge thickness affects your game:

 If you take the same rubber but with different sponge thickness, you will still have the same characteristics in general. The thinner the sponge, the more you feel the blade when hitting the ball. This feedback and the slower rubber can lead to more control in general.

 A thicker sponge means more spin and speed potential from the rubber. Your technique level should be advanced and your strokes powerful enough to activate the benefits of a thick sponge. The downside is a loss of some control because of its increased speed. 

Please click on the rubbers above for more information about the specific products.


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