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MSRP 48,90 €

Micro sticky H-Touch with Impactful Click 


 VEGA PRO HYBRID has Chinese sticky style top sheet but it's easier to handle than normal sticky rubbers due to its hybrid characteristics and optimized thickness of the top sheet with a short pillar pimple structure.

 The technology used for VEGA PRO HYBRID makes it easier to respond to backspins with drive counterattacks, and it allows for controlled and strategic forward play near the table tennis table.

 The strong spin produced by stickiness and the perfect synchronization of the specially engineered 47.5-degree carbo sponge enables sensuous and controlled play which will overwhelm opponents with a perfect ball trajectory.

 The beginning of the VEGA H series, we will come to you first with VEGA PRO HYBRID.

  • Color:  Red / Black

  • Sponge thickness:  2.0 / MAX

  • Sponge hardness:  47.5°

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