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4 simple steps to find the perfect VEGA rubber for you:

 The VEGA rubber is one of the most selling rubber in the world. Not only the outstanding price-/performance-ratio, but also the easy-to-play characteristics and long durability makes this rubber series so popular.

 There is a huge range of different rubbers with different technology, sponge hardness and topsheet structures so that it is possible to find the perfect rubber for every player. Every rubber has advantages and disadvantages for your game, so it is important for you to understand which characteristics benefits your game the most.

1. Understand how the sponge hardness affects your game:

 In general a harder sponge has more spin and speed potential. But to activate that high potential a high arm acceleration and advanced technique level is required. Due to shorter dwell time a more frequent training is recommended to maintain the ball control. You have a very direct feeling and ball contact because the ball doesn't sink deep into the sponge.

 On the other side of the hardness range you find softer and more springy rubbers that offer lots of control due to longer dwell time. It is easier to play fast and spiny balls also with slower movements and weaker technique levels. Softer rubber also tend to give a louder acoustic feedback to the player.

54°: Vega CHINA
47,5°: Vega X, ASIA, PRO, INTRO, LPO
45°: Vega TOUR, JAPAN
42,5°: Vega EUROPE, ASIA DF, SPO
40°: Vega ELITE
37,5°: Vega EURO DF 

2. Understand how the spin potential affects your game:

 Different sponge hardness in combination with different top sheet structures result in different spin potential of the rubber. A rubber with high spin potential tends to grip the ball better and produce a high and sharply curved ball trajectory. This opens a big window over the net and is thereby more forgiving than a low ball trajectory curve. Beneficial is this characteristic especially when looping backspin balls. 

 On the other side we have rubbers with a lower ball trajectory supporting a more direct way of play. This makes it easier to set the opponent under pressure with fast and sharp played balls which are more difficult to control. Players that tend to hit the ball flat and very direct benefit from a lower ball trajectory but in the end it is always an individually preference based choice.

Ball trajectory curve:

3. Understand how the catapult affects your game:

 In general the softer the rubber, the more bouncy it is at slow arm movement. The harder rubbers of VEGA series are the ones that can produce the highest amount of spin and speed, when the player is able to activate their full potential. Due to different sponge and top sheet structures rubbers with the same sponge hardness can have different catapult effects.

 On the one hand springy rubbers take away work from the player and can produce spin and speed easily also with softer strokes like slowly played topspins. On the other hand less bouncy rubbers can be helpful in short short game over the table.

 Less springy rubbers need more power and advanced technique level from the player to speed up the ball. In exchange the player will be rewarded trough more stable and consistent attacking strokes because of more linear acceleration.  

 Which characteristic is more suitable for you, always depends on your own way to play and your preferences. 

 Apart from the sponge hardness, the used technology plays the biggest roll in how bouncy the rubber is. There are 4 different technologies:

Elasto Futura (very springy, also used for Omega 7 rubbers) > Dynamic Friction (also used for Omega 5 rubbers) > Hyper Elasto (Vega typical technology) > Physi Elasto(less springy, a bit like classic rubbers without built-in glue effect)

Elasto Futura: Vega X, TOUR
Dynamic Friction: Vega ASIA DF, EUROPE DF  
Physi Elasto: Vega INTRO

4. Understand how the sponge thickness affects your game:

 If you take the same rubber but with different sponge thickness, you will still have the same characteristics in general. The thinner the sponge, the more you feel the blade when hitting the ball. This feedback and the slower rubber can lead to more control in general.

 A thicker sponge means more spin and speed potential from the rubber. Your technique level should be advanced and your strokes powerful enough to activate the benefits of a thick sponge. The downside is a loss of some control because of its increased speed. 

 Please click on the rubbers above for more information about the specific products.


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